Handshape Project

Handshape is an idea of Meike Ziegler.
I met her in October 2018, and after some months, we set up a company, Handshape Project GmbH, to make Handshape happen in Berlin. 
Here is a short description, but you can find more info on our website.
BERLIN HANDSHAPE is a social art project that brings people together. We invite strangers to talk, share stories, find common ground, and form human connections.  
People from all walks of life are coming together to create more than 10,000 handshapes. A handshape is formed from a ball of soft clay when two hands meet in a firm and friendly handshake – and there will be one for each day that has passed since the fall of the wall. All 10,957 BERLIN HANDSHAPES together will form the Monument to Human Connection: a symbol of togetherness.
Foto: Kadir van Lohuizen