I started my career at the rebirth of the Hungarian market economy in 1990, after finishing my five years university studies in Moscow in the University for International Relations.

I joined a company that was started by a few close friends. Within a decade Wallis grew into one of the largest holding companies in the country.

I learned by doing and observing excellent leaders around me in business development, employee engagement and change management.

I started as a salesman in the import department trading with former states of the Soviet Union, especially with Lithuania.

In 1994 I changed inside the holding to a television production studio, named Land Studio. Not only did I get to work in the media business which was incredibly inspiring at the time, but also worked closely with Land’s CEO who became one of my greatest mentors.

I was given the opportunity to manage creative people, and to also interact with powerful media businessmen.

In 1996, we started our own media and creative agency, Walking ’34 where I stepped into a leadership role.

In the year 2000 Wallis, my mother company decided to found an integrated on line off line communication and web development company, Webigen. It was a pioneering venture and a great opportunity for us all. I learned how to manage a larger company, gained significant experience in online communications, and started to practice designing corporate strategies.

After 2 years we redesigned the company, separate it to smaller entities, and I started with my knew friends and partner a new for of communication agency, that became the highlight of my Hungarian career. We was building the largest communications agency in Hungary, we built a network, the Café Affiliate Network (We_CAN) in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. I was fortunate to have had partners who were the very best in their fields. Together we built close to ten specialized agencies and combined them under one roof, culture and brand name to provide the best services along with holistic advisory capabilities in communications.

I am grateful that we were able to service and gain trust some of the largest corporations in the country including OTP Bank, the leading Hungarian bank as clients.

I spent 22 years (1994 to 2016) of my career working in the media  and advertising business. I did so because I believed in what it stood for: independence, inclusiveness, opportunities.

Unfortunately since 2010 Hungarian politics and economy gradually changed and significantly deviated from its values in the 1990s and 2000s.  

My wife and I made the painful decision to leave our home city, parents and careers behind to spend our 50s and the coming decades in a country that aligns best with our values. We moved to Berlin, Germany with our 14-year old son in 2016. Our older son lives in the UK and our daughter lives in the US.

In Berlin I wanted to work on projects again that I believe in and that will hopefully move the world a bit forward.

I take on various projects of various scales with a wide range of collaborating partners.

  • In Re-agency – We wanted to create a business-focused solution to help Germany’s refugee integration process. We founded Re-agency, a creative and communications agency that only employs refugees living in Berlin.
  • In Formatdem – Redesigning democracy for the digital age. Despite of how much our world has evolved, democracy stayed largely the same in the last centuries. We all know the problems of its current state. We wanted work on designing a possible solution.

Than I found Meike, her creative rituals and Handshape.