About me

I am a business consultant based in Berlin, Germany.

Being an immigrant from Hungary, I have had the privilege of working to expand businesses in all of Europe, Central, Eastern, and Western.

I have built Café Communications, a large communication agency group operating in Central and Eastern Europe. We  have led major go-to-market strategies, market expansion, rebranding, integrated full-service communications including PR and 360 integrated media with large creative teams for clients such as OTP (largest bank of Hungary,) Pick, Mol, BMW, Skoda, Vodafone, Unilever brands and beyond.

I have also worked to enhance social communication in various businesses, companies, and other projects (re)agency employing recent Syrian refugees, Handshape Project and beyond in Germany.

In all the projects I have supported, spearheaded, or otherwise been involved in, my aim was to enhance the efficiency of the practical steps taken to actualize the vision of each endeavor. This is what I can also do for you.