Together, we will set strategic goals and practical steps towards achieving your business vision. It is my line of work to help you transform your dream into reality.

We will map out the realities of your business’ industry, what potential obstacles and challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur, and construct viable, affordable plans to overcome them as you build. From workflow to cash flow and from networking to marketing, I will help you navigate successfully towards the actualization of your goals.



The quintessential element in communicating with your target audiences is your business brand. Together we will evaluate which branding services you need to maximize value for your investment and see results immediately in a personalized discovery session.

From branding design and identity to branding strategies, rebranding, market research and competitor audits, together we will choose the tools most amenable to your specific needs in order to create a brand around your business that builds a community, not just a clientele. Whether you are an existing business or a start-up with a dream, I will help you acquire the brand that makes your business fly.

Strategy and communication


It’s imperative that your business and communication strategies align. I constantly come across worthwhile companies with excellent business strategy but mismatched communication strategy, which ultimately hampers their growth and undermines their value.

Most of my career, I have worked to make sure that both strategies are intimately synced up and that my clients understand their own company’s potential and how to apply it in practical, real terms. As your consultant, I will assist you in rallying your enterprise’s strengths and using them to the fullest. I will help you communicate strategical decisions efficient and finetune the inner workings of your organization so that you create a real, vibrant community in the workplace you provide- for your staff, your contractors, and your clients alike.

Communication is a double-edged sword which you can use to your business’ benefit or detriment- both within your company and beyond. I can help you enhance your communication methodology into a powerful tool that pushes your business forth while maintaining the best talent for your workflow and inspiring client loyalty in the market. From work memos to social media campaigns, I will ensure that you inspire, engage, and motivate everyone in your business’ scope. And I can help you do that with the best possible value for money, because I know that your staff’s interactions with each other, their work environment down to their gossip are factors as important as your budget- if not more.

Change management


We live in a constantly changing world. Each week, it seems, brings about disruptive change that businesses are called to integrate, handle, or incorporate into their models while also competing with each other for an ever demanding audience. Just in the last few years we have had to handle everything from the advent of AI to a pandemic to war and climate change.

Change is becoming the only constant in today’s world, and that includes the markets of nearly every industry. That’s why previous practices that worked well may not suddenly not work anymore: internal communication may simply not be efficient. Effectiveness and flexibility to handle change hinges on management and the soft skills that go with it. If your management is suddenly disenfranchising your employees or alienating them instead of bringing them together for the common goal, then you need drastic change in your business’ management structures, protocols, and even people.

Which is the big, dramatic change you must bring forth? We will find it together and carry it out in the most efficient and beneficial way for your business’ staff to enhance morale, motivation, and productivity.