Social responsibility

We are as good as the sum of our society. And while social responsibility practices can be excellent brand-building for any business, the reality of the matter is that these practices are a guarantee for our future. That’s why I pride myself for being a social doer, eager to offer my support and expertise on a variety of projects aimed to improve life for everyone around us, so that we may also life a happy life.

I am proud to be a supporter of House of One, which aims to bring together Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Berlin. I also cooperate with ELDA (European Leadership and Debate Academy) to help support their projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. I also participated and partnered up in the highly symbolic and powerful Handshape Project. My goal is to help tear down the barriers and inhibitions keeping people from coming together regardless of creed, race, or identity.

I also work to make Berlin the capital of democratic inclusion through Wahlheymat. Wahlheymat is a grassroots civic organization empowering non-German citizens living in Berlin to partake in the city’s democratic-public life. Wahlheymat already boasts over a million members and we’re still rapidly growing!